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Financial Benefits and Economic Potential
The Project today: The development of a new textile industry in Namibia
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Financial benefits and economic potential:

The potential market for Godene fibre would clearly be the textile industry, where the fibre appears to compare favourably with other textile fibres.

Due to the advantages in terms of biodegradability and recycling, composite materials re-inforced with plant fibres represent a potentially lucrative market, in particular for the production of interior panels, visors and other parts of automobiles. Plant fibres meet the criteria for a environmentally compatible design to a very high degree. Research undertaken by European automobile manufacturers has resulted in a number of test components made from plant fibre re-inforced composite components.

Further possible Godene Fibre based products include industrial and domestic filters, agro-textiles, geo- textiles, laminates, insulation materials, upholstery and absorbents.

The establishment of a Godene Fibre industry would have several far reaching consequences for the Namibian nation as a whole:

  • Benefit the poorest communities of Namibia, particularly the northern and southern parts. With the creation of jobs and agro-industrial clusters, rural development will slow the ever increasing urbanisation of thousands of poor, unemployed Namibians.
  • Deserted farms, communal farms, and unused state land will become commercially viable propositions.
  • The formation of small, medium and micro-enterprises (SMME's) capable of processing Godene fibre into yarn and non-wovens.
  • Thus the formation of associated manufacturing enterprises capable of producing Godene Fibre based products.
  • Exported Godene Fibre products will earn much needed foreign revenue for the Namibian economy.

The growing worldwide trend to preferably use natural fibres as raw materials in the manufacture of products for the textile, automotive, building and construction, furniture and other industries, is based on the fact that they are biodegradable and recyclable - a characteristic with significant economic potential.

>>The Project today: The development of a new textile industry in Namibia


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